It’s Not the Second Coming, But . . .

. . . it is a re-birth.

I’m proud and pleased to announce that I’ve re-launched my blog, B Here Today, with the lofty goal of enlightening the universe.

Kidding, of course!

The new look is meant to invite readers to soften themselves a bit and settle in to a place where they can become more aware of each of the 1,440 moments that occupy their day.  Here’s a bit of the introductory post for the “new” blog:

Simply put, every day is filled with a whole bunch of choices unique to each of us.  Some of us are in recovery from addictions; some of us don’t struggle with addictions but do want to live a deeper, more grounded spiritual life.  Regardless, the consequences of our choices are determined by our ability to align our inner world with what is going on outside of us.

I don’t know about you, but for me, keeping my psyche in alignment is about as easy as keeping my spine perfectly aligned day in and day out.

Joining the B Here Today community is a much better return on your investment (since it’s free!):  I should know since I’m currently paying a chiropractor–albeit a holistic one–a significant amount of money to whip me into shape.  (Want to view more? Click link to the full post

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It’s a Great Time to Write!

My blog site, B Here Today, ( now includes bi-weekly posts.  Mindful Monday is a first-of-workweek sharing of five inspirational quotes set against a nature photo.  The package is usually wrapped around a theme; one week the idea is “Five Mindful Ideas for Your Work Week” and another week it’s “Five Healing Thoughts About Letting Go.”

Whereas Mindful Monday is meant to be a short weekly kick-off, Thursday Thread is a longer, more thought-provoking post.  Recent subjects include “Balancing Grief With Love,” thoughts on the one-year anniversary of my mother’s death; “A Sober Horse Thief,” about random pieces of advice heard in 12-step meetings, and “Personally, It’s All Personal,” a collection of several of my favorite go-to words of wisdom channels.

Thursday Thread is also where I welcome guest posts like the first one, “Can We Learn to Live in the Moment” by Cathy Taughinbaugh of treatment

My work has also been featured recently in two of my favorite places.  A post about being in love with yourself was the write-in anonymous guest on Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love on August 30 and on September 1, my article, “Double Rainbows & The Present Moment” hit inboxes in the third issue of the incredible Wild Sister Magazine.

All in the same week I had my appendix removed!

It’s a great life, this writer’s life, and a great time to write.

September is National Recovery Month and since recovery from addictions is one of my passions, I’d love to write an article or blog post for you.  My email address is

Free(lancing) at Last!

I always knew this day would arrive, although at the age of 10 (or whenever a little girl first scribbles that little salutation, “Dear Diary,”), I sure didn’t think this day would take 40 years to arrive.

No matter.  Some would say the day arrived just in time, or just when it was supposed to.  I happen to be one of those people who believes timing is always just right.  And this announcement is fitting for the represented freedom of the July 4th holiday weekend.

I am a freelance writer and editor who has a passion for all things purposeful.  In other words, every piece I write will be created On Purpose.  I’ve said for years that words are my life and I’m excited to finally present my writing business, B Here On Purpose, to the world.

You’ll learn much more about me very soon, about my writing style, writing history and the writing services I can provide  today.  In the meantime, please see my personal blog, B Here Today at for a glimpse into what drives me on my purpose as a writer.