Guest Posts

Positively Positive boasts over one million fans to promote its tag, “Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life.”  Loved this placement of “Knock, Knock, Can Your Inner Child Come Out and Play?”

Tiny Buddha is a sought-after guest post for anyone who writes in the spiritual/mindfulness field.   Lori Deschene gave me my first spot (hopefully first of many!) with “Peace is Learning the Lesson.”

I broke into LifeHack with this post called “9 Childhood Rules Best Forgotten by Adults.”

My friend Christopher Foster is an amazing 80-year-old blogger writing an equaling amazing blog called The Happy Seeker.  He graciously let me tell my story of recovery from addiction in a post called “Saying Yes to Life:  One Woman’s Inspiring Story.”

Balance in Me, written by Anastasiya Goers, hosted me in a post called How to Bring Your Emotions in Line With Your Spine.  I wrote about my experiences with my chiropractor and drew the parallel between physical and emotional balance.  This post had nearly 100 Facebook shares.

Alex Blackwell writes The Bridgemaker, an inspiring blog with nearly 4,000 subscribers and nearly as many Facebook fans.  I am honored to share my recovery story on his site.


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