IMG_0591-1Beth Wilson has been documenting life around her since she began writing on a legal pad with elementary school cursive handwriting. Her formal journalism training plus more than 25 years of media involvement provides a natural setting for framing a story.

Beth believes that every company and non-profit has a story to tell. She’s now applying those media skills to help clients share their business-to-business or business-to-consumer stories through traditional and new media marketing.

She adds a human element to a marketing transaction by always emphasizing a marketing story’s WHY answer over its WHAT answer. In other words, “tell the story of why you do what you do better than you tell the story of what you do.”

Beth’s passion–next to writing–is addiction recovery. The field of substance abuse, particularly the hope of recovery, is filled with stories waiting to be told.

She lives and writes in the Greater Dallas area and can be reached at 469-586-4900 or beth@bheretoday.com.

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