Addiction Recovery Advocacy

My name is Beth Wilson.  I’m an alcoholic and a 21-year-member of the recovery community.

I’m not here to break any 12-step organization’s tradition of anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.  You’ll notice that I haven’t linked myself with any such group.

Did you know that there are more than 23 million Americans in long-term recovery?  Probably not.

That is one of the reasons that I’m backing Greg Williams’ The Anonymous Peoplea film meant to raise awareness that addiction recovery is real, it need not be anonymous and it is a public health issue, not a moral failing.

In addition to being a talented filmmaker, Greg is a recovering addict.  Greg and I share a disease in common and we share a history of shame because of our disease.

The Anonymous People hopes to end personal shame and public stigma.

I’m dedicating my blog, B Here Today, to recovery-related issues, including reducing stigma and endorsing advocacy efforts, throughout the month of August.  That’s how long Greg has to raise the necessary funds to complete his film, which is really the story of recovery.

To view my blog and more information about The Anonymous People and its KickStarter campaign, click here


2 thoughts on “Addiction Recovery Advocacy

  1. Wow, James; I’m sorry to hear that. My experience has been that being in recovery is not a detriment to my credentials in other areas. It will be interesting to see if your friends are right (I sure hope not!) Tell me about your book . . .

  2. Hi Beth, I recently mentioned to some friends that I was going to mention on my Facebook page that I am into recovery; and they went bananas. “Oh no, you can’t do that. You are trying to promote your book. If people know you are into recovery, they will not buy your book. “

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