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B Here With Mindful Compassion

Depending on your perspective, you probably believe the people of the world are either lacking or lavishing compassion.

If you’ve witnessed a heinous crime–the Aurora, Colorado shooting for example–or if you were in New York City the day of the World Trade Center attack, you may see the compassion glass as mostly empty.

Unless . . .

In either of those examples, you witnessed the tender ministering of folks taking care of each other.  In those times, when humans draw deeply from their well of compassion and pour it over the injured and the devastated, they are mindfully compassionate.  They are fully present to the moment in front of their eyes and hands; nothing else exists.

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Why Brené Brown Grabs Your Attention

Goodbye shame, blame and guilt!  Hello compassion, courage and worthiness.

Finally!  Someone is telling me that I don’t have to read every self-help book, attend the latest guru’s seminars (with or without hot-coal walking) or dig through the rubbish in my inner trash can to become fully present to the beauty of who I am.

The answers to some of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself don’t have to be gained by a rigorous and intense self fact-finding mission.

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Do You Argue for Your Own Limitations?

I was reminded recently, thanks to one of my morning meditation readings, that I often argue for my own limitations.

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I can’t do that because ________ (fill in the blank)?”

Usually the reason that fills the blank for me is based on old thinking and belief systems that have dogged me since childhood.

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Five Cool Blog Posts to Melt the Summer’s Heat

Most of the U.S. is sweltering under a wet, heavy blanket of heat and humidity, and if you’re like me, when the temps turn up in the summer time, so does the cranky meter.

In an effort to curb my verging gnarly attitude and snappishness toward all creatures great and small, I’m really trying to focus on solid, positive thoughts and readings.

I’ve pulled a few of my favorite writers’ blog posts together to share with you in this edition of Wednesday Wisdom.

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