It’s Not the Second Coming, But . . .

. . . it is a re-birth.

I’m proud and pleased to announce that I’ve re-launched my blog, B Here Today, with the lofty goal of enlightening the universe.

Kidding, of course!

The new look is meant to invite readers to soften themselves a bit and settle in to a place where they can become more aware of each of the 1,440 moments that occupy their day.  Here’s a bit of the introductory post for the “new” blog:

Simply put, every day is filled with a whole bunch of choices unique to each of us.  Some of us are in recovery from addictions; some of us don’t struggle with addictions but do want to live a deeper, more grounded spiritual life.  Regardless, the consequences of our choices are determined by our ability to align our inner world with what is going on outside of us.

I don’t know about you, but for me, keeping my psyche in alignment is about as easy as keeping my spine perfectly aligned day in and day out.

Joining the B Here Today community is a much better return on your investment (since it’s free!):  I should know since I’m currently paying a chiropractor–albeit a holistic one–a significant amount of money to whip me into shape.  (Want to view more? Click link to the full post

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